Notes on the disposal of assembly foam cans or used cans

In connection with the distribution of assembly foam cans or used cans, we are obliged to draw your attention to the following:

As the end user, you are legally obligated to return empty mounting foam cans or used cans. You can return assembly foam cans or used cans, which we carry or have carried as new goods in our product range, free of charge to our dispatch warehouse (dispatch address). Please note that the shipping costs will not be reimbursed by us. Otherwise, we will take back the goods free of charge. Assembly foam cans or used cans may not be disposed of in household waste and must be disposed of separately. Alternatively, you can dispose of your empty cans free of charge within Germany (note current pick-up quantities) by the company PDR, which carry the PU Reclebare logo. You can reach the free hotline at 0800-7836736
Further information on recycling can be found here: